New IEEE Publication Rules

IEEE Publishing has finalized changes to its policies which will have a major impact on our conference proceedings/conference record publications. In particular, we will no longer be allowed to publish in a peer-reviewed journal (e.g., TNS) any paper which is substantially the same as that which has been published in a conference record and thus appears in IEEE Xplore. In particular, authors will no longer be allowed to submit the same (or substantially the same) manuscript to both the conference record and to any of our journals. Any such manuscript submitted to a journal will be rejected without review.

This change will affect authors submitting papers to conference records for the Real Time (RT) Conference. The wording of the new policy is "Any republished technical article that is made available on IEEE Xplore shall not substantially duplicate a previously posted and accessible article on IEEE Xplore." Although there are not strict guidelines for how to interpret "substantially duplicate," a rule of thumb would be that any manuscript submitted to a journal must contain at least 50% more substantive content than that which appears in a conference record paper.

Conference authors who wish to submit work to both the RT Conference Record and to a peer-reviewed journal should submit only an abstract (or an extended abstract) to the Conference Record, and then to submit a complete manuscript to the journal for consideration.

Conference Record

The Conference Record (CR) is the official repository for manuscripts presented at the 19th Real Time Conference and will be on DVD-ROM, complimentary to all registered conference attendees, and submitted to the IEEE Xplore for publication. All CR manuscripts will also be made available online on this website before the DVD-ROMs are mailed out.

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Transactions on Nuclear Science

The Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS) is a premier peer-reviewed journal with a significant distribution within the nuclear science and real-time systems communities. TNS is not the conference record, and only those papers that pass the review process and are in the fields of interest to TNS will be published.

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