Notes for International Attendees

International participants, please familiarize yourself with travel requirements well in advance —and if you need a visa, apply early!

Exemption of Visa?

Attendees from 66 countries and regions are not required to obtain a visa to enter Japan for short term staty.

Visa Application Procedure

Attendees from countries and regions not in the list are requered to obtain a visa. Please refer "Guide to Japanese VISA".
  1. attendees from China
  2. attendees from Russia or NIS countries
  3. attendees from Philippines
  4. Other nationalities (if a visa is necessary)

Visa Letters and Other Helpful Documentation

Official visa letters will be sent on request—write to us at rt2014. The letter will reflect your status as known to us at the time (abstract submitted; abstract accepted and a place in the program assigned; paid registration received, etc.) These letters do not imply financial support or invitation by RT2014.

Besides the visa letter, copies of your round-trip itinerary, a printout of registration for RT2014, evidence of your stature as a scholar (such as your curriculum vitae, including publications list), and evidence of your binding ties to your home country are also known to be helpful in obtaining a visa. Apply as soon as you can.

If you are giving a talk or poster, you will automatically receive an acceptance letter. Only the "owner" of the paper in the database will get an automatic acceptance letter. Other co-authors who wish to attend should send us e-mail.

Please do not send us sensitive information such as bank-account or credit-card numbers, driving-license or identity-card numbers, or passport numbers by e-mail. Such information should be submitted only through the secure registration websites.