If you give a presentation, whether oral or poster, at RT2014, we ask that you submit a manuscript for the Conference Record. This unrefereed publication is intended as a promptly published compendium, as complete as possible under the deadline, of what was discussed at RT2014. The submittal deadline will be May 22, 2014 noon (JST=GMT+9).

Conference Record

The opening of Conference Record manuscript submittal will be announced here and is expected to be early spring 2014. Submissions will be accepted through May 22, 2014. The same website that you used to submit your abstract will be used to submit the manuscript.

All manuscripts submitted by the deadline will be made available online through the conference website as a prompt approximation of the final Conference Record.

How to Format for the Conference Record

Here are the approved word processor templates for The preferred format is Microsoft Word. The suggested length limit is eight pages.

If you use a word-processing format other than Word, you must submit a PDF file in Xplore-compatible PDF format. (To get the correct formatting, please download, read, and imitate this PDF example.) To assist you in meeting the requirements, IEEE has established a web based service called PDF eXpress. We strongly suggest that you use this service to create your PDF files. PDF manuscripts that are not IEEE Xplore-compatible will not be accepted in the Conference Record.

Here are some common formatting trouble spots:

Submittal Procedure

In order to ensure a timely release of the Conference Record, please follow this procedure.

Step 1. Download a template and write your manuscript

Please use one of the templates (Microsoft Word or LaTex). There is also an example in PDF that shows how a properly formatted PDF should look, in case you are using other word processors. The template itself contains instructions and hints on how to produce your paper. Please read it carefully.

Step 2. Produce an IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file using PDF eXpress

Step 2 is necessary only if you wrote with something other than Microsoft Word. For Word users, Step 2 is optional—you may use it to see what your PDF will look like, or you may go directly to Step 3.
The IEEE PDF eXpress service is available for RT2014 authors until the manuscript submission deadline. The URL for the service is PDF-eXpress.org. Enter 31098X as the conference ID. (You will first have to set up an account if this is your first visit to PDF eXpress.)

You can then upload your word processor file to the web site and have it converted to PDF. Shortly after your upload, an IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file will be generated and emailed to you. Save this file and go to Step 3 to submit it to the Conference Record. Detailed instructions on the PDF eXpress service are available at http://www.pdf-express.org/frhelpnologin.asp.

Please note that PDF eXpress is NOT the final destination for your manuscript and the next step in submittal is NOT automatic. You must submit your manuscript to the RT2014 Conference Record via Step 3.

Step 3. Submit the MS Word file or the Xplore-compatible PDF file and the IEEE Copyright Form

Log on to the paper submission website www.npss-confs.org/rtc and follow the "Paper Submission" menu item to the paper submission page. You will see links for uploading your manuscript and also submitting the copyright form electronically. (Your manuscript cannot be published if we do not have the IEEE copyright form!) Follow the instructions on the web site to complete both tasks. Here is a link to the IEEE copyright-form page if you need a hardcopy. Also the copyright form for Joint Ownership is available.

What Happens Next

The as-submitted versions of all manuscripts will be made available online promptly. The finished Conference Record will be published as a CD-ROM that will be distributed free to all registered RT2014 attendees within a few months of the conference. It will be also published as an IEEE Conference Conference Record and will be available through the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. at ieeeXplore.ieee.org. However, only those that meet the following requirements will be included on the CD-ROM publication and on IEEE Xplore:

Publication Help

The production of the Conference Record is being handled by Dora Merelli CEA Saclay, France, whose e-mail address is dora.merelli@ieee.org.

Policies and Practical Consideration for the Conference Record

Readiness for Publication
Please submit only final manuscripts that have been fully cleared for release under your home institution’s policies and procedures, and which RT2014 and the IEEE are free to publish. The standard IEEE copyright release (available through the submittal website) will also be required.
The Presentation Imperative
The RT2014 Conference Record is reserved for talks and posters that were actually presented. If you cannot attend the conference and give the talk or poster, please designate a co-author or other knowledgeable colleague to make the presentation. It is very helpful to inform us as far in advance as possible if someone other than the person on record as the submitting or corresponding author will attend and present. The Program Committee intends to decline manuscripts that had not been presented unless there is a most compelling reason.
Because the Conference Record will be published only in electronic forms (CD-ROM and PDF on IEEE Xplore), the use of color figures is free and encouraged. Nonetheless, please be sure that color illustrations look good and make sense even in greyscale. Do not rely solely on color to convey important subtleties, especially in graphs. At many institutions, a technical reports department can offer advice on making graphics that look good in both color and black and white. Readers with limited color vision, for example, will appreciate this.
The Conference Record is Meant for Prompt Publication
Much of the value of the Conference Record lies in its timely availability. We encourage high standards of scholarship and writing, but cannot peer-review the Conference Record manuscripts. To enable prompt publication, the deadline May 22, must be strictly enforced. Authors are encouraged to consider also submitting a manuscript to TNS, which will be fully peer-reviewed.