A certain number of rooms in the following hotels are blocked for the conference: The conference banquet will be held at Hotel Nikko Nara.
The hotel reservation can be made at the registration page.

Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus between Hotel Nikko Nara and the conference site will be operated during the conference period.
The schedule shows approximate time. Arrival time depends on traffic condition.

Other hotels

There are several hotels in Nara city. You can find at online travel sites as Expedia, or so. If you have any difficulty in reserving, JTB (the travel agency for the conference) will support you. Please contact to Ms. Akiko Horikita (

Local Organizing Committee blocks a few room at Nara Hotel, which is the nearest hotel from the conference site. If you want to book at Nara Hotel, please ask us availability, procedure for reservation with special fee, and so on.

Japanese-style hotel (Ryo-kan)

Below Japanese-style hotels (Ryo-kan) near the conference site are listed.

  from the site from Kintetsu
Nara station
URL Rate (per person)
Asuka-sou 10 min. walk 15 min. walk Japanese/English Breakfast/Dinner: 16,000 - 30,000 yen
Breakfast: 12,000 yen
Kanka-sou 5 min. walk 15 min. walk Japanese Breakfast/Dinner: 18,000 - 30,000 yen
Breakfast: 14,400 yen
Seikan-sou 25 min. walk 20 min. walk Japanese/ English depends on date

Ryo-kan usually provides special/traditional dinner in courses (Kai-seki). So we recommend to stay hotel during the conference period, and to enjoy the Ryo-kan before or after the conference.

There are Ryo-kan’s much more in Kyoto. Kyoto is apart from Nara within 1 hour or less by train (see map below). We recommend Ryo-kan in Kyoto, also. JTB will support to reserve Ryo-kan. Please contact to Ms. Akiko Horikita (


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